The Mental Health Association of Greater Lowell, Inc. was organized in 1953 as a private non-profit (501c3) corporation.

The Association’s direct and indirect services over the years have changed and developed to reflect the mental health needs and concerns of the Greater Lowell area. Since its inception, the Association has actively sponsored and participated in the delivery of a wide range of services and activities including: rehabilitative and preventive mental health programs for children and adults; human resource information and referral projects; residential services to mentally ill and developmentally disabled persons in the community; consultation and education services, prevention programs; and various other special projects consistent with the goals and purposes of the organization.

Through contracts with the Massachusetts Departments of Mental Health, Mental Retardation, Social Services, Public Health, Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance and other funding sources (United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley, private fund raising, and contributions from the cities and towns of Greater Lowell) the Association provides residential programs, outpatient counseling, community education, and information and referral services.


Our mission has remained con­stant over the years.

The promotion of mental health.
The pre­vention of mental illness.
The improved care and treatment
of the mentally ill and
developmentally disabled.