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Management and staff of our DDS programs are working in high gear at this moment in preparation for a licensure and certification review scheduled to begin on June 21st.

Though it represents a lot of work, we’re aware that the licensure and certification process improves our services, makes us more responsive to individual’s needs, and ensures that we are able to continue providing these services that are so critically important to individuals and their families.

According to the DDS Licensure and Certification Procedures Manual, 5th Edition, the licensure process confers upon MHA the legal authorization to provide services and supports to individuals—without a license, we cannot provide services.

Our license is based upon our ability to meet several essential safeguards in areas relating to: personal and environmental safety, communication, health, and rights.  We must demonstrate that we employ a competent and skilled workforce and that we understand and utilize proper procedures around goal development, skill acquisition and implementation of Individual Service Plans (ISPs).  For DDS, these “essential safeguards are non-negotiable and are considered threshold requirements in order for a provider to serve adults with intellectual disability in Massachusetts.”

The certification process demonstrates that our supports meet quality standards.  Certification entails standards that promote quality and responsiveness and ultimately result in positive outcomes in the lives of individuals. They are a focus for continual quality improvement on our part.  The findings of our certification will enable individuals and families to be more informed purchasers of services.  We want and expect our certification results to inspire individuals and families to choose MHA services.


Dan Nakamoto

Executive Director



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